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Onsite visit to NIKA PHARM production site 2022

About the company

NIKA PHARM – the best national producer (according to PharmClub Uzbekistan) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company is engaged in production of medical preparations in the form of pills (solid capsules, sachet) and nasal sprays made of active pharmaceutical ingredients following the national GMP standards. To date, the plant releases some 100 SKU. The company offers services on contract manufacturing. The majority of raw material has CEP compliance certificate.

Nika Pharm product range includes 142 items of pharmaceutical products and food supplements  involving 502 employees. Being an exporter, the company cooperates with 4 countries.

About the production

The company is a full production cycle of medical preparations and food supplements – production of pills and capsules, sachets made of substances and pharmaceutical aids.

NIKA PHARM production site consists of 3 workshops, including 2 of them (workshop №1, №3) certified following the requirements of O’zDST 2766:2018.

Activities of the workshop №1: packing of solid pharmaceutical preparations (pills and capsules), packing of sachets, labelling, and packing of nasal sprays.

Activities of the workshops №2, №3: production of solid dozed medical preparations and food supplements (pills, capsules); powders (sachets) and liquid medical preparations (sprays).

About the lab

Control and analytical testing laboratory of NIKA PHARM is accredited on technical competence (accreditation certificate № UZ.AMT.07.MAI. 754 dated 11.01.2010 on compliance with the requirements of O’z DSt ISO/IEC 17025:2007 standard). Each year it confirms the compliance with the standards O’z DSt ISO/IEC 17025:2007 (decree of the Accreditation Council № ИН-126 dated 19.06.2015).

The lab is engaged in the entry raw materials control, control over purchased equipment, primary and secondary packing material, and printed material. Besides, the lab monitors microbiological air and surface cleanness in production sites, rinsing water from personnel’s workwear and hands; the lab controls the stability of archival samples; raw materials samples collection; the lab controls intermediate and ready-to-use products, and holds physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis on compliance with the standards.

Onsite visit participants can visit the workshops №2, №3 and the lab!

About the development

Development strategy of Nika Pharm includes the following phases:

· Expansion of the production capacities
· Entry to new markets (Russia, Romania, Africa, etc.)
· Certification audit within the framework GMP EAEU
· Participation in prominent events of the international level
· Launch of new and interesting innovative projects in the pharmaceutical industry

*The number of passes for the onsite visit is limited, contact the organiser to learn more.

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